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January 19, 2007 4:56 PM

Dear Sir

In reply to the letter from G Bennett from Chopgate (D&S Times 12th January 2007) I have to say that my hearing would have to be poor to not hear the noise from the bikes at Riverside Lodge. It sounds like a huge swarm of mutant ninja bees waiting to pounce with an almighty sting and this is on Orchard Estate, about a mile away from the area.

Many men spent all their working life at the chemical plant so whatever it is that comes belching out must come with an extremely good dose of antacid.

I have not heard of any complaints about the police firing range.

Yes, the planes can be noisy when they take off and land but once they have done that it is over and done with and the noise doesn't drone on for hours and hours and hours and hours.

I am a great believer in improving sport facilities for young people. In fact I am currently looking for a site in the area (and some sponsors I might add) where we could build a skateboard park for the local teenagers. A couple of sites have been identified but deemed unsuitable because the noise that is bound to be created would annoy the residents in the locality.

It's important that all involved in this remember that there is a lot more to Eaglescliffe than just Hunters Green which is a relatively new addition to our once peaceful village. Orchard Estate was built in the 1960's, so many of the residents who are affected by this invasion of noise, moved there long before the noise started let alone reached its present volume. It is also unfair to expect prospective residents to see the motocross activity when it is down a slope and behind a hedge past which they drive at, probably, 60 mph.

Yours faithfully

Alan Lewis

Eaglescliffe Ward Liberal Democrats